About  Me



Hi, I’m Glenn, I’m a marriage celebrant. I can legally marry people anywhere within Australian waters

though Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast of NSW is where I perform most ceremonies.

That being said I am happy to travel wherever required.


I’m also a husband, 27 years and counting with my beautiful wife and bestie.

I know what happily ever after can be for you.


I’m also a Father, we have 5 incredible kids. All grown now , that’s how I started this journey .

My eldest daughter asked me to become a celebrant so I could perform her wedding ceremony. And so I did.

WOW. What a day!


And then I did another wedding, and another and now that’s what I do.

Marry people.

Marriage celebrant guy is about making custom ceremonies for people in love.

Funky, cool, hip, fun, romantic, unique.


The best suggestion I can give you about a wedding ceremony is make it yours.

Own it.

If you have the kind of love that can’t be denied, and you want to share that love,

that deserves a unique wedding ceremony.

A ceremony you’ll remember forever not just as the day you marry but as a celebration of you as a couple.

If you would like to talk with me about your wedding day ceremony and acting as your celebrant

click on the contact link below and let me know.