About  Me


Marriage ceremony: $700 which includes the Marriage certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages (for change of name)


-all legal paperwork and documentation, administrative costs and a Commemorative Marriage Certificate.

-preparation of a ceremony customised specifically for your wedding day. This includes face-to-face meetings in Milton area.

-a wedding rehearsal if you require one

(an additional travel fee is required for travel if more than 1 hour from Milton NSW).

-performance of the ceremony on the day of your wedding.

-registration of your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

- supply of a PA system for the ceremony

The marriage ceremony fee is required to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

Payment options can be arranged if you wish, and I am very happy to discuss them with you.

Other Ceremonies: Price on request

Master of ceremonies, naming days, funerals and other ceremonies: Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I will then provide a quote. 

Travel and/or expenses.

If you wish me to act as your celebrant and I am required to travel futher than 1 hour from Milton NSW to your chosen wedding location a travel fee

will be quoted for you to review and discuss with me. 

If you have any requests that require any expendature from me for your wedding day that are outside of the marriage ceremony inclusions these expenses will be added to the marriage ceremony fee and are required to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony date. 

An example of this would be if you wished me to be dressed in a custume to perfrom your ceremony. I have had many such requests, some funny, odd and provocative. Ask me when we meet and I'll share them with you. 


Booking Fee

A $200 non refundable deposit is required at the time of completing and lodging the Notice of intention to marry to secure your requested

date and time.

The balance of total fee payable is required 2 weeks prior to your ceremony date.

Forms of Payment

Fees can be paid by cash or electronic bank transfer.


The booking fee is non-refundable. As the booking fee covers the time and administration costs of lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage and providing you access to relevant resources.


In the event that I am unable to officiate on the day, I undertake to provide a suitable replacement Celebrant or to refund the balance.

A cancellation refund of 50% is available if I fail to attend your the marriage ceremony.

(Please note this is purely here as a disclaimer – and to cover events such as natural disasters and death in the family situations that are unpredictable, rest assured I want your big day to go off without a hitch too)


Included in fee.


Your personal details and your wedding arrangements are strictly confidential.

I only disclose this information to the authorities I am obliged to lodge legal documents with and report to.

I may ask permission to use your images and names for my personal online marketing, for example on my website or on social media, but you are under no obligation to agree.

Things to consider

Public location

-many councils require an application and may charge a fee for a ceremony conduct at such locations.

Additional services

-as a marriage celebrant I have information available regarding other services such as relationship advice, ceremony venues, entertainment and other services relevant to civil ceremonies. I provide this information as a free service to assist clients in the preparation for their particular ceremony.