All's fair in love and celebrancy

Today I met a fellow celebrant in the trenches of wedded matrimony and we shared war stories.

Fortunately neither of us have a jaded view of happily ever after. We both still held awe for the job we do in uniting people in love, (or as the attorney generals dept. would add “solemnizing a marriage according to the Marriage act of 1961”)

My fellow celebrant had performed more than 200 marriages in the last 4 years, a figure I envied. Which made me think how many marriages actually occur each year?

Is the act of marriage on the decline?

Have I taken up a profession the equal of a beta video recorder mechanic?

Now I am showing my age, if you don’t know what that is ask your parents. (Damn did I really just write that)

So I did some googling.

And surprise, surprise! Love is alive and well!

According to the Australian bureau of statistics since 1994 weddings have increased from 111,174 to 121,197 in 2014.

That’s an increase of 10,023!

Fantastic. LOVE IS ALIVE!

This lead me to think what other information might I find about modern day happily ever after?

The average age to marry for men is 31 and for woman 29.

Anyone feeling any pressure from their partner yet?

4 out of 5 couples live together before they marry.

56% of weddings are on a Saturday, 15% on a Sunday however Friday weddings are on the rise. Great excuse to get off work. “Can’t come in today I’m getting married.”

November is the most popular month to marry followed closely by March.

Quizzically Australia Day has the most amount of weddings in a single day at 923 with New years coming in 2nd with 342.

74% of marriages are now performed by celebrant. (Big fist pump. YES! I am current…or as my interior designer son would say “on trend”.)

There are a whole heap more interesting facts and figures about wedded bliss but most importantly people still recognise the significance of a ceremony that unites them in living life together.

Hopefully soon the law will change to provide that right for all couples but I’ll leave that subject for another blog.

Glenn, Marriage Celebrant Guy.

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